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Dish Pack Box (Extra Strong)
Dish Pack Box 5.2cu.ft. Double Wall 18x18x28

Wardrobe Box
Plain wardrobe boxes 24″ x 24″ x 40″ and hanger bars similar to our PackRite® Wardrobe Box (SS-906), but the multiple grip design allows one person (using back for support) or several to lift the box.

2 Piece File Box
2pc File Box – Letter Size 15x12x10

Medium Box
Medium Bx- 3.0 cu.ft. 18x18x16 Perfect for Mid-Weight Stuff such as small appliances, kitchen accessories, electronics, toys, and other gadgets and gizmos. All PackRite boxes have handles.

Large Box
Large Bx- 4.5 cu.ft. 24x18x18. Great for “LIGHT WEIGHT STUFF” such as computers, speakers, lamp shades and food containers and the not too heavy, not too light stuff. All PackRite® boxes have handles.

X-Large Box
XLarge Bx- 6.1 cu.ft. 24x18x24. Ideal for “ULTRA-LIGHT BULKY STUFF” such as pillows, bedding, towels, stuffed toys and other plush and fluffy stuff. All PackRite boxes have handles.

Roll of Plastic 16″ x 1500″

Packing Tape Dispenser

Packing Tape 110Yard Roll
Packing Tape 6 pack

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