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Our rates are the same all year around, and do not depend on which part of Los Cabos you reside in.
The billable time begins when the movers arrive and ends when the move is completed. We do not charge the time it takes to arrive at the location or the time it takes to get back to our facility. The price includes the moving truck, a variety of specialized moving equipment, and the specified number of professional movers you require. We are unique in that we have no extra charges for things like stairs, elevators, handling and wrapping, or over-sized / difficult items. There are absolutely no hidden charges or fees in our rates below.

 2 Men and a Truck
 3 Men and a Truck
 Photo Sample
Small Truck (16 ft)
 $100 / Hour
 $120 / Hour

  • Truck Size: 16 Foot
Large Truck (24 ft)
 $120 / Hour
 $140 / Hour

  • Truck Size: 24 Foot

• Extra Mover(s): $20 per hour
• Minimum time is 2 hours. Time used after the minimum is met is billed in 15 minute increments.
• Normal Hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00AM to 5:00PM. After hours and Sundays add 20%.
• Rates do not include Mexican Sales Tax. Facturas are provided upon request.

What’s Included?

• Fully-equipped moving truck
• Movers have uniforms and gloves
• Dollies
• Moving pads to protect your furniture
• Tools
• Efficient and customer-friendly crew!

Most moves require only 2 men and a truck. However, larger moves, or moves with difficult access, benefit from having additional men. Also large homes and commercial businesses that need to be moved the same day will require additional movers. San Jose Moving Co. can suggest the number of movers required to get the job done. Either way, you only pay for the time you use. A fuel fee will apply when moving outside of Los Cabos. Please call for details.

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Pricing FAQ

How long will my move take?
The time to move depends entirely on how many items you have, how much protection your items need, how well your items are packed before the move, if assembly and reassembly are required, and what your access is like. Things like elevators, stairs and long carries make moves take more time. If a home is a multilevel 3000 square foot home, it will generally take longer to move than a ground level home with similar square footage. The added time it takes to haul things up and down stairs is unavoidable. Movers that don’t perform these tasks everyday really struggle. At San Jose Moving Co., our guys move 5+ days a week, year around. They are accustomed to the hard labor needed to work efficiently and safely with consistency.
How much will my move cost?
Moving is done by the hour so it does depend on the factors mentioned above, plus how long the drive is from point A to B, and how packed and prepared the client is. Call 7 days a week to get a free quote. Remember, San Jose Moving Co. only charges for the time you use.
What kind of payments are accepted?
We accept cash and all major credit cards, cash, and payments via PayPal. We do not accept personal or US checks. All prices are subject to Mexican Sales tax, and facturas are provided to all our clients.
Why should I choose more than 2 men?
For larger moves, or for moves with difficult access, having more men actually saves money. For homes, condos or apartments with elevators, it’s especially important to have more than 2 men. It allows for a more efficient move. I.E. One man wrapping and bringing it items to the elevator, another man loading the elevator, unloading the elevator, then moving things to the truck, and driver assisting with moving + loading the truck. As always, it’s the customer’s option how many guys they would like. We can only give our recommendation based on our experience.
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